Bailey Harbaugh

Bailey is a third year dance and psychology major at Kennesaw State University. She received her primary training at Buford School of Ballet, where she was taught the fundamental techniques of classical ballet and modern dance. She is thrilled to be spending her fifth consecutive semester as a member of the KSU dance company.


I AM INSPIRED BY walking closely alongside my peers and mentors in their unconventional dance journeys. Witnessing them daily readjusting their boundaries in order to succeed in the field is powerful, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. The many triumphs and failures they continually endure, motivate me to persevere. Their enthusiasm for the art pours over into my cup, and fills it when I feel like I have run dry.

I FIND PURPOSE when given the ability to express myself; whether it be through obvious modes of dance, or less obvious ones, like the clothes on my back. I believe I can truly access the extents of who I am when my expression is unfiltered. It’s the subtle ways I can flavor my day-to-day life with this expression that makes me feel useful.

WHAT MAKES ME COME ALIVE: a good piece of music, honest intention from friends, and staying true to myself.