Brian Crosby

Hailing from the greater New Orleans area, Brian Crosby spent the formative years of his dance career studying tap and rhythm before transitioning into Graham modern and informal ballet training in the Bournonville school. In order to continue his dance training Brian moved to Atlanta, pursuing his Bachelor of the Arts degree at Kennesaw State University.


I’M INSPIRED BY the transformative nature of art. Art should be the crucible in which we challenge our preconceptions. There is beauty and power in confrontation: especially the confrontation of ourselves.

I FIND PURPOSE IN collaboration and sharing knowledge. Freely communicating thoughts, emotions, and even criticisms is essential; not only to the artistic process, but to the growth of a person as well.

WHAT MAKES ME COME ALIVE is when I am moving. Now, being a dancer, this seems rather obvious. What would a dancer live for, but to dance? It goes beyond simply dancing. My physicality is a crucial part of how I understand myself. Embodying the things I am feeling and thinking about allows me resolve my internal conflicts. Moving balances me.