Photo by Daylilies Photography

Photo by Daylilies Photography

Catherine Messina

BIO: Catherine Messina is originally from New Hope, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Emory University with a BA in Dance & Movement Studies and Linguistics. She is grateful to Emory for providing her with incredible experiences and the chance to work with fantastic local and international artists. She is thrilled to be working with ImmerseATL this year and is excited about the potential for future opportunities within the Atlanta dance community.


I AM INSPIRED BY, honestly, most things. More specifically, I am inspired by a good Spotify playlist, hiking, sunsets, new places, museums, and cheesy sayings that everyone groans at but secretly relate to. I’m inspired by those who had to maintain a strong work ethic and overcome boundaries to achieve their artistic goals. They remind me and encourage me along this path – that my effort is worth it and fulfilling in itself.

I FIND PURPOSE IN maintaining genuine human connections, actively listening to peoples’ stories, being wildly unapologetic in who I am and finding people who are okay with that, and bringing someone’s artistic vision to life on a stage.

WHAT MAKES ME COME ALIVE ARE being on that stage - I love performing; a phrase in a dance class that is (often) athletic, powerful, and grounded, leaving you breathless and sweaty at the end; the ocean waves; and being surrounded by positivity.