Eliza Krakower

Originally from Stowe, Vermont, Eliza Krakower trained at the Stowe Dance Academy and recently graduated with a BA in Dance and Movement Studies and Human Health from Emory University.


I’M INSPIRED BY the work of other artists around me. To integrate in the arts community and immerse myself in the possibilities of art making and art witnessing is what fuels me to further develop and investigate my craft. The creativity I see in others propels and prompts my own. The richness of creative communities around the world inspire me to invest myself in the arts and confirm its important place in our human experience.

I FIND PURPOSE IN dream chasing. Throwing caution to the wind and unapologetically accepting the uncertainties and possibilities feels like my destiny.  

WHAT MAKES ME COME ALIVE IS performing on stage. I’m often told that I come off as shy and closed off, but performing is what brings me out of my shell and into my fullest self. The experience of being on stage sharing ideas and movements with an audience can be transcendent. It brings me the most joy and takes me to that place of bliss and clarity.