Photo by Synapse Photography

Photo by Synapse Photography

Laura Briggs

BIO: Laura Briggs is from Lexington, Kentucky. They received training at Kentucky Ballet Theater and currently study dance & movement studies and chemistry at Emory University.


Iā€™M INSPIRED BY literature, poetry written by women, nature (especially birds), people, daybreak, coffee, airplanes, art museums, libraries, performance art, queer history, new hair colors, and cities near rivers.

I FIND PURPOSE IN communication and bridging gaps. This manifests itself in my artistic work, where my creative goal is always to make art that makes people talk. I am interested in novelty, absurdity, and commentary in my dances. My passion for communication also impacts my work as a scientist, where I strive to bridge the gap between science and the public. Finally, communication skills serve my position as a leader in the queer community at Emory, where I fiercely advocate for the needs of my LGBTQ peers and foster a caring, collaborative home for them on campus.

WHAT MAKES ME COME ALIVE ARE availability and softness. I am interested in keeping all physical, intellectual, and emotional doors open to me and giving myself space to explore possibilities freely and fully. I feel most alive when I am able to explore without restriction, allowing my mind to wander wherever it wants to go, experiencing sensation and softness and suppleness in every cell of my body.