Photo by Synapse Photography

Photo by Synapse Photography

Maia Charanis

BIO: Maia Charanis is from Atlanta, GA, where she trained under Jonnie C. Kelley at the Dancer’s Studio Backstage and performed in its pre-professional company, Atlanta Dance Theatre. Maia also danced at North Springs Charter High School in the performing arts magnet program. Maia recently graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Carolina, where she received a BA in Performance and Choreography and was awarded the Director’s Award for Outstanding Performance and Choreography Major.


I’M INSPIRED BY authenticity, honesty, and intention.  

I FIND PURPOSE IN being a part of something larger than myself, but one that allows me to still be myself.

WHAT MAKES ME COME ALIVE IS being able to not only move my body in ways that continually surprise me but also express myself in any medium I so choose.