Photo by Synapse Photography

Photo by Synapse Photography

Sarah Diamond

BIO: Born and raised here in Georgia, Sarah found her love of dance while training with Rhythm Dance Center and the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education. In 2017, she received her BFA in dance from Florida State University. Following graduation, Sarah spent a year studying with the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance before moving back to Atlanta, where she is excited to be dancing with ImmerseATL.


I AM INSPIRED BY life’s unsolved mysteries and quizzical coincidences. I am inspired by nature, constantly in awe of how the Earth can never hide away. I am inspired by people who are honest, genuine, and thoughtful, braving the world comfortable and confident in their own flesh and skin.

I FIND PURPOSE IN the work - the work that takes place in the studio, in the research, in the physicality of the body, and the puzzle of emotions and ideas manifesting in the mind and spirit. I also find purpose in the work to practice patience; the work to listen, process, think, and empathize; and the openness to admitting mistakes, learning from the experiences, and breaking out of comfort zones. I find value in the effort.

WHAT MAKES ME COME ALIVE ARE arguably the smallest or grandest details of life: venturing outdoors; being brushed on the shoulder by a cool autumn breeze; reflecting on the top of a mountain; the contact of pen to paper; singing in the shower; laughing at a clever joke; surrounding myself in the company of friends and family who love and support me and I them; grooving to my favorite tunes; and surprising myself by the vast range that my body can stretch, grow, and move within space.