Simone Stevens

Born and bred in the heart of Atlanta, Simone Stevens is a recent graduate from Kennesaw State University, and holds a BA in Dance and a minor in Anthropology.


I AM INSPIRED BY Individual journeys: how someone arrived at their current state (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc), and where they choose to go from that point. Individual points of view in relation to one's past and present environments, and the evolution of said view. Individual thought processes in relation to the creation of art. Individual development. Individuals.

I FIND PURPOSE IN dialogue, relationships, reaffirming in others that they have a unique purpose.

WHAT MAKES ME COME ALIVE: the transparency and vulnerability that is ever-present when individuals choose to share their story, and the medium in which they choose to do so; the ability to test the physical limitations of the body, specifically in dance; my own personal and spiritual understanding of freedom.